Harry’s introduction to music came as a young child from his parents. His father constantly play guitar around him and his mother introduced him to the blues greats including John Lee Hooker, Howling Wolf and Muddy Waters through cassettes she bought for him. Naturally, Harry picked up the guitar and starting making his own music by the age of 6 and recordings of his first songs followed shortly after.

Growing up in rural West Wales, Harry would sneak off as a teenager into the stables for a snooze or to play the new guitar that his dad had bought for him instead of venturing off to school. His songwriting and performance skills developed quickly, ultimately earning him a scholarship to college where his influences would expand to include the likes of Jeff Buckley, John Martyn with nods to Andy McKee, Adem, Nick Drake and Jose Gonzalez. These artists help to shape Harry's experimentation with many different tunings and sounds tied with his fast finger work from his electric guitar days creating a rich warm sound with few components; investing in the sound of the instruments rather than adding more layers. His technique is often described as a ‘virtuoso slap guitar technique’ which has a raw energy with a rhythm based percussive feel creating drumbeats with nothing beyond his guitar. His vocal style tends to be soft, often singing falsetto with a voice that could melt a heart of stone.

After his schooling, Harry moved to London and released his first EP “Flux” (2012) landing him on BBC Wales Record of the Week along with extensive airplay including BBC radio 1 and 6. He followed up with another EP called Fine one in 2015. His Music has received over a million hits on Spotify and he has traveled the world playing venues all over Europe, Eastern Europe, Korea and the US.

After some London struggle and the recent loss of his father, Harry is now ready to release another record that harks back to his first release yet expands to his new sound slightly reminiscent of dynamics heard in Sampha, D'angilo or Bon Iver. He also features a guest vocalist for the first time in the shape of Holly Martin (Kobalt/Universal) on their collaboration 'Quiet Now' featured on the forthcoming 'Above My Head' EP.



19.05.2018 – Stuttgart, Kulturwerk

20.05.2018 – Berlin, Paladium